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A) Solar Thermal -
a) Solar Hot Water : Flat Plate Collector ! Evaculated Tube Collector
b) Solar Drier
c) Solar Cooker
d) Solar Still
B) Solar Photo Voltics -
a) Solar Modules
b) Solar Power Plants
c) Solar Street Lights : CFL Street Light ! LED Street Light
d) Solar road Equipments : Solar Road Studs ! Solar Traffic Lighting System ! Solar Traffic Booth ! Solar Bus Shelter ! Solar Blinkers Road ! Solar Aviation Warning Lights
e) Solar Residential/ comm. Systems : Solar Home Lighting System ! Solar Battery Charges!
Solar Dc-Dc Connerters ! Solar Toys ! Solar Inverters (100w to 50kw) ! Solar Water Pumping
upto 5HP ! Solar Charge Controllers ! Solar DC Fan ! Solar Refrigerator ! Solar Security Fencing ! Solar GArden Light
f) Solar Application for Agriculture : Solar Water Pumps ! Solar Fencing
g) Solar Defence Equipments : Solar Security Fencing ! Solar Army Search Light ! Solar Mobile Chargers ! Solar Laptop Chargers ! Solar Torches
C) Other Products -
a) Bio Gas Palnts
b) Roof Wind Turbine
c) Xantrex Inverter
d) LED Torches
e) 33W CFL Inverter System
f) Waste to Energy Plants
g) Biomass Gasifier
h) Energy Eficient T-5 Tubes
i) LED Based Lighting Solutions
j) Energy Auditing
k) Micro Hydel Power Plants
l) Tubular Batteries.


A) Energy Performance ontracting for Lighting/ Hot water/ Air Conditoning
B) Advisory Services for Finaneral Engineering of Green Buildings
C) Energy Auditing for Commercial/ Industrial Building
D) Advisory Services for CDM Projects
E) Advisory Services for Large Wind farms

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